A History of Groves

A History of Groves (Hardback) book cover

Edited by Jan Woudstra, Colin Roth

© 2018 – Routledge

Table of Contents

Introduction 1. The sacred places of the immortal ones: Ancient Greek and Roman sacred groves 2.Seeing the Wood for the Trees: The long-term aesthetics of woodland in England 3.The sacredness of groves 4.The history and development of groves in English formal gardens (1600-1750) 5.Colourful groves: The origins of the woodland garden 6.Groves as metaphor for the fragmented redwood forests of California 7.Sacred groves in African contexts (Benin, Cameroon): Insights from history and anthropology 8.Groves in Chinese gardens and beyond them 9.Korean village groves 10.The shrine groves of modern Japan 11.Nature mystification and the example of the ‘Heroes’ Groves’ in early twentieth century Germany 12.Dan Kiley: Groves, space and complexity

Source : A History of Groves (Hardback) – Routledge

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