Ethno-ecology, eco-cultural spaces and ethno-landscapes in Ethiopia

De 2010-2015, trois projets de recherches internationaux ont porté sur les forêts sacrées en Ethiopie !

Le 19ème congrès des Etudes Ethiopiennes en 2015, a permis la tenue d’un panel « Ethno-ecology, eco-cultural spaces and ethno-landscapes in Ethiopia » organisé par Jon Abbink; Izabela Orlowska; Dirk Bustorf.


Prof. ABBINK Jon Space, place and conflict: cultural and political ecology approaches to changing ‘resource use’ in Southwest Ethiopia
Dr. BUFFAVAND Lucie The bush and its wildlife in the cosmology of an agro-pastoral people of the Lower Omo Valley
Dr. BUSTORF Dirk Integrating “sacred” eco-cultural spaces into environmental protection schemes, comparing cases in Kafa, Gurage/Silte and Amhara
Mr CHUNG Jin-ho Political Ecology of Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change in the Ethiopian highlands
Mr GETACHEW SENISHAW Indigenous Ecological Knowledge System and Local Ecology Management in Midland Gedeo
Dr. & Prof. KANEKO Morie & Masayoshi SHIGETA Formation and sharing of local knowledge on the production and consumption of fermented ensete (Ensete ventricosum, Musaceae) starch among the Aari people of Southwestern Ethiopia
Mr KANSITE GELLEBO KORRA The Moora of the Konso People in Southern Ethiopia: Functions and Changes
Dr. ORŁOWSKA Izabela Ethiopian church forests: hubs of social and religious life and pockets of remaining biodiversity
Dr. YOHANNES GEBREMICHAEL Family farming for agro-ecology and food security: the case of the Konso community in Southern Ethiopia

Source : ICES 19 :: 7.01 Jon Abbink; Izabela Orlowska; Dirk Bustorf – Ethno-ecology, eco-cultural spaces and ethno-landscapes in Ethiopia

L’article d’Izabela ORŁOWSKA  sur les forêts d’églises orthodoxes éthiopiennes est paru en 2016 dans Human Ecology :

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